Index of values

(@>) [Benchmark.Tree]
name @> bench returns a (named) node of the benchmark tree.
(@>>) [Benchmark.Tree]
name >:: tree makes tree accessible through the given name, i.e., prefix all paths in the tree by name.
(@>>>) [Benchmark.Tree]
name @>>> l is equivalent to name >:: concat l.

add [Benchmark]
Benchmark.add b1 b2 add Benchmark.t structure b1 to b2.
arg [Benchmark.Tree]
arg () returns (arg, specs) where arg is a state coming from parsing the command line using specs.

concat [Benchmark.Tree]
Merge the given trees (recursively).

filter [Benchmark.Tree]
filter p t return the tree obtained by keeping all the paths in t that match the path p.

global [Benchmark.Tree]
Global tree, built from calls to Benchmark.Tree.register.

latency1 [Benchmark]
Benchmark.latency1 ?min_cpu ?style ?fwidth ?fdigits n ?name f x runs the function f with input x for n iterations, and returns the results, which are also printed unless ~style is Nil.
latencyN [Benchmark]
Benchmark.latencyN ?min_cpu ?style ?fwidth ?fdigits n funs runs each function in list funs for n iterations.

make [Benchmark]
Benchmark.make n create a new Benchmark.t structure with current time values and n iterations.
merge [Benchmark]
merge l1 l2 merges the two association lists of timings l1 and l2 into a single one, concatenating the timings for the same names of l1 and l2.

parse_path [Benchmark.Tree]
Split a string into a path at the "." separators.
prefix [Benchmark.Tree]
Add the path as a prefix to the tree, similar to repeated calls to >::.
print [Benchmark.Tree]
Print the tree of benchmarks (its structure) on the given formatter.
print_path [Benchmark.Tree]

register [Benchmark.Tree]
Register a benchmark to the global registry of benchmarks.
run [Benchmark.Tree]
run t runs all benchmarks of t and print the results to fmt.
run_global [Benchmark.Tree]
Same as on the global tree of benchmarks and parsing the command line arguments from argv (which is Sys.argv by default).

sub [Benchmark]
Benchmark.sub b1 b2 subtract Benchmark.t structure b2 from b1.

tabulate [Benchmark]
Benchmark.tablulate results prints a comparison table for a list of results obtained by Benchmark.latencyN or Benchmark.throughputN with each function compared to all the others.
throughput1 [Benchmark]
Benchmark.throughput1 ?min_count ?style ?fwidth ?fdigits t ?name f x runs one function f with input x for at least t seconds, and returns the result, which is also printed unless ~style is Nil.
throughputN [Benchmark]
Benchmark.throughputN ?min_count ?style ?fwidth ?fdigits t funs runs each function in list funs for at least t > 0 seconds.
to_string [Benchmark]
Benchmark.to_string ?style ?fwidth ?fdigits b converts the Benchmark.t structure to a formatted string.

with_int [Benchmark.Tree]
with_int f l parametrize trees with several integer values (e.g.